Wine Appreciation Courses

As you may have seen from a few of the recent posts, as well as wine writing I also run wine appreciation courses and host wine events.

Some courses I run are over six weeks, whereas others are one-off evenings.  The six-week courses last an hour and a half, normally taking place on Tuesday or Wednesday evenings from 8pm to 9:30pm out of my house in London N4.  The one-off courses are run once every couple of months, normally a couple of hours mid-week looking at a particular theme.  The courses I currently offer are:

  • The Classic Wine Regions of France – a six week course that each week compares wines from a particular French region with examples made from the same grape varieties but from around the world.  Costs £180 for all six sessions including all materials, wines and snacks.
    Click here for a PDF with more info on the French course
  • A Wine Tour of Italy – a six week course that moves from the North to the South and finally onto Sicily over the six sessions, looking at the unparalleled range of varieties and wines that are found there.  Costs £180 for all six sessions including all materials, wines and snacks.
  • Sherry Night – looking at the world of Sherry over a couple of hours, comparing all the amazing classic styles from Fino through to Oloroso, with quality snacks to match the wines along the way.  Costs £40 for the evening, including all materials, wines and snacks.

Please contact me at if you are interested in finding out when the next course is taking place or for any other details.

Testimonials for previous courses can be found here


3 Responses to Wine Appreciation Courses

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  2. Shaun Collins says:


    Just a note to thank you for a fun and educational time had on the ‘Behind the Label’ evening. I have just gone through my paltry collection of wines and realised that there are very few of merit there – and I could have done so much better had I attended your course earlier! I won’t be caught out by slick marketing labelling so easily in the future. And I approach my next restaurant wine list with a renewed confidence (and your helpful notes in my back pocket of course!).

    I will certainly be attending future courses – highly recommended.


  3. Hugo says:

    Thanks Shaun, really glad you enjoyed it. Sherry Night coming up in Feb should be a cracker….

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